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Electrically Conductive Adhesives


MPC manufactures electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) shielding solutions, crafting custom gasketing, grounding, and shielding materials designed to protect sensitive electronics from disruptive and potentially damaging frequencies.

Innovative Shielding Materials:

We specialize in converting a diverse array of EMI shielding materials to suit the unique needs of your applications. Our options include:

  • Copper and Aluminum Foils: Offering excellent electrical conductivity and shielding effectiveness. 

  • Metalized Fabrics: Combining the flexibility of fabric with the conductivity of metals for versatile applications.

  • Conductive Elastomers: Providing sealing and shielding in environments requiring both.

  • Conductive Foams: Ideal for applications requiring cushioning and conductivity.

  • Tapes/Transfer Adhesives: Ensuring secure adhesion and conductivity for components. 

Customization at Its Core:

Understanding the complexity and diversity of EMI/RFI challenges, MPC is equipped to create customized parts tailored to your specific requirements. Our capabilities include:

  • Multi-Layer Shielding Solutions: For applications demanding intricate shielding, we can construct parts with multiple layers of thin, conductive materials, achieving the perfect balance between shielding effectiveness and material absorption.

  • Specialty Applications: Our expertise extends to crafting solutions with multiple thin layers of dielectrics, specifically designed for applications requiring nuanced insulation and shielding properties.

  • Dimensional Flexibility: Our roll stock can accommodate widths up to 34 inches, ensuring we can meet a wide range of design specifications and application needs. 

Why Choose MPC?

  • Tailored Solutions: Our approach is to understand your application deeply and provide a customized shielding solution that meets your exact requirements.

  • Advanced Material Selection: With a broad range of conductive materials at our disposal, we ensure that your shielding solution offers optimal performance.

  • Expert Design and Engineering: Our team of experts is ready to tackle the most complex challenges, ensuring that your EMI/RFI shielding solution is both effective and efficient.


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